Santander awards new student funding

Santander Universities has increased its financial support for students and staff at the University.

Emilio Botín, Chairman Banco Santander, announcing increased support for the University.

The new agreement strengthens the bank’s partnership with the University, which has helped students from Latin America to study in Edinburgh.

The bank has also pledged to fund an additional 20 scholarships for Latin American students in Edinburgh.

Increased support

The awards were announced at a ceremony in the Playfair Library, where the Principal, Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea, signed a fresh funding agreement with Emilio Botín, Chairman of Santander.

The latest agreement increases by 50 per cent the annual donation to the University over a two year period.

The scheme will now support:

  • At least seven scholarships for MBA, PhD or masters students from Latin America to study in Edinburgh.
  • At least five scholarships for students and staff of the University to study or work overseas.
  • Support for round table events to allow students to interact with the business community.
  • Provision of incubator spaces to encourage business development.
  • Prizes of £1000 to reward top student entrepreneurs.

Strong partnership

In his speech Emilio Botín said, “When we decided to extend the Santander Universities network to the UK, Edinburgh was undoubtedly one of our partners of choice.

“Since then our partnership has been growing stronger and it is now well established.

“We would like to show our gratitude to the University of Edinburgh for this extraordinary friendship by increasing the total amount pledged.”

We were delighted to welcome Santander to the University and we could not be more pleased with their decision to make funding available to the University. As the University continues to develop its international strategy, corporate partners such as Abbey Santander will prove invaluable.

Professor Sir Timothy O’SheaPrincipal of the University

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