Drama delight in College Quad

Macbeth on stilts, motorbikes and moving sets are part of an outdoor theatre spectacular taking place in Old College Quad.

Two Polish theatre companies will perform in Old College during August, including the world renowned Teatr Biuro Podrozy who previously performed in Old College in 2007.

They will perform their interpretation of a Shakespearian classic, Macbeth.

It is a performance on stilts challenging the borders of reality and nightmare with highlights including motorbikes, a moving set and fire.

Symphonic sounds

The sci-fi performance of Planet Lem will also be a highlight of the Teatr Biuro Podrozy, featuring lighting effects and composed symphonic and post-industrial sounds.

There will also be a one off performance of Carmen Funebre, a play inspired by the war in ex-Yugoslavia as well as other ethnic conflicts in aid of Amnesty International.

The KTO Theatre, a Krakow municipal theatre from Poland will also make their UK debut with The Blind which is inspired by the bestselling novel Blindness by Portuguese Nobel Prize winner, Jose Saramago.

UK debut

The Blind is a silent play about an epidemic of blindness and how communities adapt by creating their own rules.

The University is teaming up with Universal Arts for the showcase of Polish theatre in Old College Quad as part of the Cultural Olympiad at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.

This will be the Quad’s debut since it was refurbished after the Fringe in 2008 and it will also host two shows a night for the first time.

The stone and grass will be protected by a bespoke cover during the Festival. The quad has the capacity to hold an audience of 600 and is the latest edition to University property which transforms into a theatre venue for the festival.

Support for festivals

As the city swells to twice its size with performers and arts lovers from around the world, the University once more plays its part.

One million tickets were sold in the 43 University venues last August which include Bristo Square, Potterow Garden, Pleasance as well as a variety of lecture theatres.

The University is heavily involved in almost every festival - providing venues and participants.

The Polish Theatre programme at Old College Quad will run from the 2-27 August and also includes a series of workshops and exhibitions.