Global population in the spotlight

Scientist and broadcaster Aubrey Manning has delivered the latest of the University’s renowned Enlightenment Lectures.

The University’s Emeritus Professor of Natural History discussed the dilemmas posed by an ever-growing global population.

The event formed the finale of the University’s Our Changing World series of public talks for 2011.

These examine how researchers can help address some of the biggest issues facing the world today.

Addressing growth

Professor Manning, a zoologist and writer, said that it is essential to address ways to reduce and eventually reverse population growth.

He said that complex problems, such as uneven distribution of resources around the globe, mean that we must take steps to tackle the trend.

Human rights

According to Professor Manning, tackling population growth will require revisiting our human rights from a scientific perspective.

His talk took place as the world’s population reached seven billion.

The event will be available online and as part of our Enlightenment Lectures podcast.

Elite speakers

The Enlightenment series, delivered by distinguished speakers, focuses on the contribution academia can make to understanding and addressing global challenges.

These issues include delivering sustainable supplies of food, energy and water, the spread of infectious diseases, developments in technology and medicine, and climate change.