University launches major new awards

The University is launching two major new awards to recognise significant achievements by staff and students.

The closing date for completed nominations for both awards is Friday 5th September 2008.

The Principal's Medal

The Principal’s Medal will be awarded to the individual or group that has made a significant contribution to support or benefit the wider community.

In this context “the wider community” could mean the wider Edinburgh community or indeed the global community but not the University community.

All current staff and students are eligible for the award, as are honorary fellows.

A team nominated for the medal should include no more than four members. Applicants can self nominate or be nominated by someone else.

Tam Dalyell Prize

The second award is the Tam Dalyell Prize for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science.

The inaugural award will recognise an individual or group for work such as hosting school visits, talks and other public events or through publishing and broadcasting.

Named in honour of former MP and University rector Tam Dalyell, the award is open to all University staff.

To be eligible, the nominated work must have been carried out in the past three years and must have achieved national or international recognition.

Once again, nominees may put themselves forward or be nominated by a third party.