Build a business in 48 hours

A new University event gives participants 48 hours to build and launch a web or mobile application.

The Launch48 Edinburgh event, hosted at the University of Edinburgh Business School, is open to everyone, from serial entrepreneurs to young professionals to students.

Software developers, designers, marketers, business people, and people with ideas are invited to join the event, which takes place on October 29 to 31.

Forging ideas

Attendees will be broken into teams of 15 to 20 people, with the aim of creating a real business idea in a single weekend.

From pitching ideas to final presentations, teams must work tirelessly day and night to produce prototypes, business models and revenue projections.

Companies formed in previous events in England have survived the weekend and become actual firms.

To register, go to:

Launch48 Edinburgh will help those looking for real work experience to building their portfolios, and will given people looking for a new project something to work on. For those running existing businesses, it’s also a great opportunity to extend their networks and meet new people to work with and share ideas.

Rebecca DiffordLAUNCH.ed

Company formation

The University has a long history of helping staff and students turn their ideas into businesses.

Edinburgh Research and Innovation, its commercialisation arm, created 40 firms in the last academic year, a record for a Scottish University.

Its LAUNCH.ed programme helps student entrepreneurs to form new businesses themselves.