Scottish children learning healthy lessons

A new study shows young Scots now rank 2nd out of 41 countries when it comes to eating fruit daily.

Child eating a piece of fruit

This suggests healthy living messages are reaching children, according to the largest ever Health Behaviour in School-aged Children report, published yesterday.

The report, coordinated by the University, also ranks Scotland 6th for 11 year-olds who engage in an hour of physical activity every day.

These findings are encouraging, however the study also highlighted areas of concern such as alcohol and cannabis use.

The report

The international report is from the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) World Health Organisation cross-national study.

“Inequalities in young People’s Health” is the most comprehensive study in this area to date.

It reports the patterns of health of young people in 41 countries and regions across Europe and North America.

The report highlights where inequalities exist in order to inform and influence policy and practice and to contribute to health improvement for all young people.

The report was jointly launched by the HBSC International Coordinating Centre at the University, the WHO European Office and NHS Health Scotland.

We now have the clearest ever picture of the health behaviours of children in Europe and North America, providing significant insight for policy makers around the world.

Professor Candace CurrieDirector, Child and Adolescent Health Researh Unit