Launch of Global Health Academy

The Edinburgh Global Health Academy brings together experts from across the University to tackle global health issues.

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Launched in November, the Academy provides a forum for collaboration between staff in all three colleges.

It will bring academics from areas as diverse as medicine and the biomedical sciences, public health, social sciences and engineering together to share resources and knowledge.

Global health challenges which will be addressed include obesity, pandemic flu and tropical diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness and rabies.

The Academy will aim to translate scientific advances into practical, effective and efficient solutions which can be implemented in developing nations.

The Global Health Academy will be the first in a series of academies launched by the University. Others will focus on climate change and international development.

Video report on the launch

Watch a video from the launch of the Global Health Academy, with leading international health experts explaining they ways it will benefit healthcare around the world.

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The Global Health Academy will also provide portfolio of online postgraduate degrees, enabling health care professionals around the globe to participate in the University’s postgraduate education whilst continuing to live and work within their local communities.

Global Health Academy Director, Professor Sue Welburn, said:

"The Global Health Academy is an important statement of the commitment of the University and the practitioners around the world who are joining us to address global health issues.

"We have tended to think in terms of the developing and the developed world as being two distinct entities, in the 21st century we need to revise our global vision and realise that this is One World: the Global Health Academy will focus on solutions which benefit all global citizens."

Video report on sleeping sickness

Watch a video about Edinburgh’s partnership with Makerere University in Uganda, where University experts are working with local professionals to develop a response to sleeping sickness.

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Global Health Academy website

The website for the Global Health Academy provides more information about the academy's global research projects, education and training, and more.