New scheme to help boys reach study goals

Two sporting stars are backing a scheme that encourages boys who love football to fulfil their academic potential.

Colin McLeland, Pat Nevin and Prof Hillis presenting the Salvesen FC team captain with a certificate of participation.

Former Scotland winger Pat Nevin, now a sports journalist and Hibernian captain Rob Jones were keynote speakers at a conference at the University this month.

The event was organised by the Educated Pass initiative, which aims to unlock the educational and sporting promise of 13 to 16-year-old boys - a group that is currently underachieving academically.

Golden Goal

The Golden Goal conference concluded 18 months of classes and events for the 150-plus boys who are currently taking part in the Educated Pass initiative.

The aim is to harness the boys' passion for football and encourage them to apply the same commitment to participating in the classroom.

This in turn encourages them to think seriously about taking courses at college or university.

Also speaking at the event was Hibernian FC physiotherapist Colin McLeland and Stewart Hillis, vice Chairman of the UEFA Medical Committee and Professor of cardiovascular and exercise medicine at the University of Glasgow.

Educated Pass

In collaboration with a UNESCO City of Literature Trust campaign, which aims to promote reading, the boys received a free copy of 'The Lost World' adventure novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Educated Pass project is a widening participation initiative led by the University of Edinburgh.

Other partners are Stevenson College, West Lothian College, Telford College, Jewel & Esk College and the Scottish Youth Football Association.

The initiative is funded by the Sutton Trust.