Making a global impact

The University has outlined its global aspirations in a new strategy.

As one of the world’s leading universities, Edinburgh makes a significant scientific and cultural contribution to the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the global community.

The newly-published Strategic Plan 2012-2016 outlines the University’s vision for the next four years as it continues to push boundaries, embrace opportunities and competes successfully with the very best institutions in the world.

The plan is available to view at:

Edinburgh is a truly international university firmly rooted in Scotland, and an overarching theme for this Plan is to increase our global impact and our contribution to society.

Professor Sir Timothy O’SheaPrincipal and Vice-Chancellor

Strategic goals

The plan’s strategic goals are to achieve excellence in education, research and innovation.

With education, Edinburgh is seeking to increase student satisfaction with not only academic and pastoral support, but also support for developing graduate attributes and employability.

Ways of achieving this will include using personal tutors for students, introducing further flexibility in study patterns, and encouraging students to gain experience abroad.

The University will also work with employers to ensure our degree programmes are responsive to need, while its distance education provision will be expanded and enhanced.

In addition, staff will also be encouraged to embrace new technologies in order enhance the learning experience, and to deliver prompt and effective feedback.

Research and innovation

In research, the University aims to foster a vibrant community that generates ideas and discoveries, while making a difference to the development of global communities.

It will achieve this by fostering new approaches to cross-disciplinary research, including encouraging outstanding global research collaborations and securing strategic partnerships with funders.

With innovation, the University will seek to ensure its ideas and expertise have a positive impact on society, in part through stimulating students and staff to engage with public and industry.

Edinburgh will also seek to attract, reward and retain the best people from around the world, so that the University continues to be a stimulating and successful place to work.

It will also adapt its infrastructure to meet the changing needs of staff and students, all while protecting important assets such as Edinburgh’s iconic buildings.

Global outreach

The strategy also outlines the University’s global objectives.

These include expanding its outreach, building integrated responses to complex global issues, and promoting global citizenship.

The University also plans to incorporate internationalisation in all areas of its activity, such as by developing a globally relevant curriculum and encouraging trans-disciplinary academic collaboration through its Global Academies.

In addition, it will develop the reach of its overseas offices and advance support for its global alumni community and networks, while also expanding the availability of its international scholarships.

A target of increasing the number of non-EU international students at the University by at least 2,000 has also been set.

The choice of indicators and the aspirational targets in the Plan demonstrate our commitment to achieve our vision. The level of engagement and enthusiasm shown by our students, staff and members of the worldwide university community in developing this Plan gives us the confidence that together we will achieve our ambitions for the future.

Professor Sir Timothy O’SheaPrincipal and Vice-Chancellor

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