Gates backs bid to tackle pneumonia

University researchers are to work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help combat childhood pneumonia.

The team at the University has been awarded $2 million from the Foundation to help them invest in tackling the condition.

We are delighted that the Gates Foundation has recognised Edinburgh’s leading research in this field.

Dr Igor RudanSenior Research Fellow

Pneumonia is the largest single cause of deaths in children worldwide and causes two million deaths each year in under-fives.

Mathematicians will work with doctors to develop a system for predicting the effectiveness of new prevention strategies and treatments.

They hope this will help to prioritise the approaches that save most lives

Interview with Prof Campbell and Dr Rudan

Watch an interview with Prof Campbell and Dr Rudan about the Gates Foundation project.

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Childhood pneumonia

Deaths from pneumonia affect mainly underprivileged and poor children who have limited access to adequate health care.

But investment to create low-cost strategies within developing countries could mean may of these deaths are avoided

We are delighted to work with the Gates Foundation to help them prioritise the most effective treatment solutions. By acting now and acting together we could have a great impact on childhood disease.

Harry CampbellProfessor of Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health

The three-year project will be carried out in collaboration with John Hopkins University in the USA, the Medical Research Council in South Africa, the Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative in Switzerland and the Croatian Centre for Global Health.