Focus on Europe's role in global affairs

Europe's relationship with the Obama administration was one of the themes spotlighted at a conference this week.

Retired UN Chief of Policy Development and Advocacy Martin Barber was among the speakers at the event, which assessed the European Union’s role in global politics.

The conference coincided with the launch of a major project looking at the European Union’s role in international affairs, following the award of a 1.5 million euro grant from the European Commission.

Europe wide

The three-year MERCURY project (Multilateralism and the European Union in the Contemporary Global Order) will bring together researchers in law, politics, economics and international relations from nine universities across Europe.

Researchers will investigate the impact of changes on the international scene, such as the emergence of new political regimes and the rise of new sources of international conflicts.

They will also look at issues including global warming, migration and dwindling resources.

New approach to international relations

Recent changes in the international political scene – such as a change in administration in Washington - heralds a new approach to international relations, and this award will go a long way to explore and evaluate the role of the European Union in the current world order.

Mark AspinwallSchool of Social and Political Studies

Reflections on the EU’s Role in Global Affairs took place at Old College, South Bridge on Thursday, March 12 at 4pm.