Election to the University Court

Seven candidates are standing in an election for the position of Non-Teaching Staff Assessor to the University Court .

The election will be held between Monday 8 June 2009 and Thursday 18 June 2009 (no later than 12 noon).

Opening and recording of votes will take place after 12 noon on Thursday 18 June, 2009.

The election will be under the guidance of the Electoral Reform Society.

Candidates and election

Supporting statements for all candidates and full details of the election are available from Human Resources.

Non-Teaching Staff Assessor candidates

Full election details

How to vote

Employees of the University who are support staff (i.e. not academic or research staff), in Grades 1 to 10, and on the main University payroll will receive a ballot paper.

Ballot papers should be returned to Helen Hamer, Deputy Returning Officer, no later than 12 noon on Thursday 18 June 2009.

Ballots received after this time shall be invalid and will not be counted.

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The University Court

The Court is the University’s governing body and is the legal persona of the University.

By the Universities (Scotland) Act, 1889, the University Court is a body corporate, with perpetual succession and a common seal; and all the property belonging to the University at the passing of the Act was vested in the Court.

The present powers exercisable in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Court are defined in the Universities (Scotland) Acts, and include:

  • the administration and management of the whole revenue and property of the University
  • to regulate the salaries of all members of staff
  • to appoint Committees of its own members or others to determine the membership and the quorum of such committees

More information on the University Court is available from Governance and Strategic Planning.

Contact details

For any information regarding the the Election process please contact the Deputy Returning Officer, Helen Hamer.

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