Website helps dyslexic pupils

World champion racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart is backing a new website that helps teachers support dyslexic pupils.

The Assessing Dyslexia website aims to help teachers identify dyslexia through the new Curriculum for Excellence.

It has been designed by educational technologists at the University’s Moray House School of Education, with the backing of Dyslexia Scotland and the Scottish Government.

The early recognition by teachers of children with learning difficulties is absolutely paramount; they must be identified and assessed

Sir Jackie StewartPresident of Dyslexia Scotland

Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie, who was not identified as being dyslexic until the age of 41, is the President of the Dyslexia Scotland. He is a three time world champion racing driver.

Website aims

It is anticipated that the resource will help to standardise procedures used by teachers and across schools and authorities in Scotland.

One in ten people in Scotland is thought to be dyslexic, with up to one in four of these thought to be severely dyslexic.

The launch

The new online resource was launched by Sir Jackie and the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Michael Russell.

All teachers require the skills and particularly the disciplines of consistent practice to assist children suffering from dyslexia, or any other form of learning difficulty. Unidentified dyslexia can cause extraordinary damage to a young person’s life and can remove any possibility of them reaching their true potential.

Sir Jackie StewartPresident of Dyslexia Scotland

This toolkit, funded by the Scottish Government and developed in partnership with Dyslexia Scotland, will help teachers identify the signs of literacy difficulties and dyslexia early in a child's school life.

Michael RussellScottish Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning