Study aims to offer better deal for deaf people

Deaf people are being asked to share their experiences of education and the workplace in a bid to improve the opportunities available to them.

Young adults aged 18 to 28 can take part in a online survey which will draw a clearer picture of the ways in which deaf people are involved in education, life and work, and any barriers which they may face.

Overcoming difficulties

Researchers say the project could help local authorities and government work better to provide a better deal for deaf people.

It is easy to overlook the difficulties that deaf people can face on a day to day basis.

Rachel O NeillSchool of Education at the University of Edinburgh

The study will help to build a better understanding the impact of the ways in which schools and employers can work more effectively with young deaf people throughout their education and adult life.

Better understanding

The Deaf Achievement Scotland initiative is a follow-up to a nationwide study of education for deaf children in Scotland which began 10 years ago which set out to asses the teaching provision for deaf pupils in schools.

This study will build on that work and assess the experiences of young adults in areas such as career development, communication support and access to further study.

The survey will be available online until the end of January 2011.