Professor presents Christmas Lectures on TV

A University scientist has been chosen to present the 2008 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on Channel Five.

Professor Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop, Professor of Computer Science and Deputy Director of Microsoft Research UK, will take his television audience on a journey into the digital world.

Popular science

The popular lecture series provides an exciting forum for presenting scientific issues to young people.

Over the course of five lectures Professor Bishop, who is an expert in machine learning, will tackle questions such as how microprocessors pack a billion components into the size of a stamp.

Man versus machine

The professor will also discuss why a three-year-old child is better at recognising everyday objects than the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

The talks will be broadcast on Five television for five nights beginning 29 December at 7.15pm.

Professor Bishop said: “The digital revolution has already touched, and in some cases transformed, almost every aspect of our lives.

“I am delighted that computer science, which is the foundation for modern digital technology, has been chosen as the theme for this year’s lectures.

“I hope these lectures will appeal not only to children and their parents, but to anyone who is interested in understanding more about how digital technology achieves such extraordinary things.”

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Chris Bishop

Monday 29 December 2008, 7.15pm

Wednesday 2 December 2009, 8.00pm

Five TV