Vet school seeks cat blood donors

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has launched an appeal for cat blood donors.

Danielle Gunn-Moore, Professor of Feline Medicine, with a cat.

Danielle Gunn-Moore, Professor of Feline Medicine, is asking cat owners living near the School to consider registering their pets as donors in order to meet the demand for blood transfusions.

Emergency supplies

Cat blood cannot be stored for more than 24 hours so fresh donations are always needed.

The ideal donors are healthy male cats weighing more than 5kg, whose owners would be available at short notice to bring their pets into the School.

A donation typically measures between 30 and 60ml of blood.

Free health check

Any animal put forward as a potential donor would be given a health check to determine its blood type and to check it was not carrying any infections.

There are three types of cat blood - A, B and AB - and the School hopes to increase its pool of donors for all types.

Anyone interested in having their cat assessed as a potential donor is asked to contact the Small Animals Hospital reception on 0131 650 7650.

We often need cat blood at short notice for emergencies - cat owners willing to make their pets available as donors could help save the life of another cat.

Danielle Gunn-MooreProfessor of Feline Medicine
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