Canadian diplomat to discuss foreign policy

One of Canada’s most experienced diplomats is to discuss the country’s global role at a University event.

Speaking at the Centre of Canadian Studies, James R. Wright, Canadian High Commissioner to the UK, will look at Canadian foreign policy in different areas of the world.

These include Canada’s role in the Afghanistan conflict, the country’s reconstruction work following the Haitian earthquake, and its Arctic foreign policy.

Public lecture by James R. Wright, High Commissioner for Canada in the UK

Friday 4 February 2011, 2.30pm

Friday 4 February 2011, 3.30pm

Seminar Room 1, Chrystal Macmillan Building

David Murray Prize

Mr Wright will also award the annual David Murray Prize, which is awarded to students achieving the highest marks in Canadian Studies.

The High Commissioner will award prizes to students Mhairi Britton, Hannah Webb and Alexander Wronski.

Canada’s dynamic approach to Transatlantic relations shapes graduate research and undergraduate teaching programmes at the Centre of Canadian Studies. Staff and students will hear first-hand about Mr. Wright's extensive experience of being directly involved with Canadian foreign policy.

Dr Annis May TimpsonDirector, Centre of Canadian Studies

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