Geoffrey Boulton public lecture

This year's ECRR Peter Wilson Lecture is to be presented by Professor Geoffrey Boulton.

Professor Geoffrey Boulton

Professor Geoffrey Boulton is Vice-Principal and Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at the University.

He will speak on “Science, Innovation, Education: The Challenge to Society” at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-25 George Street on Tuesday 12 February at 5.30pm.

This is a joint lecture with the Edinburgh Consortium for Rural Research (ECRR), the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Institute of Biology.

The ECRR Peter Wilson Lecture

The annual ECRR Peter Wilson Lecture is one of the highlights of the Royal Society of Edinburgh's event programme.

Previous speakers include many of the key figures of the science world including Professor Ian Wilmut, Steve Jones and Sir John Krebs.

The lecture is named after Professor Peter Wilson, former Professor of Agriculture and Rural Economy at the University.

Event details

ECRR Peter Wilson Lecture - Geoffrey Boulton

Tuesday 12 February 2008, 6.30pm

Tuesday 12 February 2008, 1.00am

Royal Society of Edinburgh 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ

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