Details in small print

A magical display of miniature books is on display at the University Library.

The delightful array of 90 contemporary works created by contemporary artists from around the world highlights the craft of graphic designers, sculptors and printmakers from 14 countries.

Innovative bookmaking techniques

The colourful exhibits feature beautiful poems, humorous texts, intricate drawings and use unconventional materials and innovative bookmaking techniques.

The exhibition, Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books, has been curated by Myers School of Art at the University of Akron, Ohio.

Books from around the world

The 90 tiny books have already been exhibited in Spain, China, Argentina and Finland and will be on display in the University of Edinburgh's Main Library until Tuesday, 20 July.

The display has been presented in cooperation with the Centre for Research Collections at the University of Edinburgh, in conjunction with the 2010 Materials Cultures Conference at the University's Centre for the History of the Book.

Opening the pages of a miniature artist’s book, we venture into a foreign world.Small objects like this are captivating, they transport us beyond the confines of our everyday experience and we are utterly consumed.

Del Rey LovenSchool Director and Professor of Art University of Akron