University supports two major festivals

For the first time the University of Edinburgh is a major partner with two of the world’s biggest and most spectacular cultural events.

This year the University has deepened its existing support of both the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Edinburgh International Festival

On 30 August experts from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences will stage a series of special events in the areas of journalism and history, nationhood, music and the arts at the Edinburgh International Festival.

Composer Nigel Osborne, Reid Professor of Music, and Dr Igor Stiks will be joined in an interactive workshop by Dr Olga Taxidou and broadcaster Professor Jolyon Mitchell to explore the concept of truce in the arts.

Nationhood and journalism

Elsewhere, broadcaster Sheena McDonald will discuss the changing face of nationhood today in Scotland with Professor of Constitutional Law Christine Bell, Grierson Professor of Literature Susan Manning and Alvin Jackson, Richard Lodge Professor of History.

This year’s University of Edinburgh Festival lecture will be given by BBC Special Correspondent Allan Little. Tales From a Turbulent World: Can journalism really be the first draft of history? will be chaired by Vice Principal and Head of Humanities and Social Science Professor Dorothy Miell.

Edinburgh International Festival

Thursday 9 August 2012, 9.00am

Sunday 2 September 2012, 11.00pm

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Edinburgh International Book Festival

Across town at Charlotte Square, the University is also in the thick of this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival, the world’s largest celebration of the written word.

On 24 August it will chair essayist Stefan Collini’s discussion on what universities are for. A day earlier, on 23 August, the University’s Alwaleed Centre will host the appearance of Mustafa Ceric, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and academic Dilip Hiro, who will be discussing whether radical Islam is the world’s greatest threat.

James Tait Black and Genomics

The ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum is co-producing a series of events looking at the impacts of science on society. On 18 August the Forum’s Professor Steve Yearley will discuss The Epigenetic Evolution, analysing how our physical and social environment actually influences the way that our genetic inheritance is realised.

On 22 August it hosts the event The Scientist in Fiction: Creative or Crazed Genius? Dr Alistair Elfick, Director of the University’s Centre for Biomedical Engineering, will explore why so often in fiction the creative scientist is portrayed as an evil genius.

The University’s involvement with the Book Festival draws to a close with the prize ceremony for the James Tait Black Prizes on 25 August. The literature and biography shortlists for Britain’s oldest literary award feature the likes of Man Booker nominee A.D. Miller and Ali Smith, who is nominated for the second time.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Saturday 11 August 2012, 9.00am

Monday 27 August 2012, 10.00pm

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