Appleton Tower maintenance work

The Appleton Tower is to be clad in a sheath of protective netting as maintenance work gets underway on the building's exterior.

Refurbishment of Appleton Tower

The tower - home to the School of Informatics - has recently benefited from significant internal refurbishment.

As part of the ongoing multi-phase refurbishment programme for buildings in the University's Central Area, we are now preparing the way for a planned refurbishment of the exterior cladding, the first stage of which is an essential maintenance programme.

Building Work

"The Appleton Tower is over 40 years old and we are keen to address some of the issues we have had with the exterior of the building." said the University's Director of Estates and Buildings, Angus Currie.

"We have taken the advice of structural engineers and will shortly be beginning work on upgrading some of the external fabric, particularly on the upper floors.

"In taking forward this project, the health and safety of all users of the building will always be our first consideration."

The initial programme of work is set to last several weeks and will mainly involve the strengthening and upgrading of window fixings on the tower.

This will be conducted from inside the building and a heavy-duty netting will be placed on the outside to maximise safety.

Work is also progressing on proposals for the full re-cladding of the tower and creation of a new entrance and they will be brought forward for consultations in line with the planning process in due course.

We are hoping to complete this maintenance work with the minimum of disruption to staff and students, and they will be kept informed of developments on a regular basis, but it is extremely important that this work is carried out as part of the modernisation of the entire tower.

Angus CurrieDirector of Estates and Buildings