Caring for African patients

University staff are to help improve patient care in four African countries.

Under a new government programme, medical staff from the University will work with partners in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia to improve palliative care - the relief and prevention of patient suffering.

The government programme, called the Health Partnership Scheme. will see health professionals from across the UK teach and offer practical assistance to their counterparts in the developing world.

The scheme, which is managed by The Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), an international development organisation, expects to train 13,000 workers overseas to improve healthcare worldwide.

Working together with many experts here and in Africa, this programme will greatly improve the approach to palliative care in these countries, relieving and treating the suffering of thousands of people who are afflicted by disease.

Liz GrantSenior Lecturer in Global Health and Development

Video interview

Watch a video interview with Professor Scott Murray as he discusses the challenges of providing end of life care in Africa.

Helping the world

Many staff at the University of Edinburgh strive to improve global health issues.

The Global Health Academy is a collaboration across the University that promotes an interdisciplinary approach to education and research in order to have a greater impact across the world.

The academy brings together academics and experts from a wide variety of disciplines who share the common aim of developing innovative solutions for the world’s most challenging health problems.

Recent projects include examining the effects of parasites and the immune system and developing health system models to combat some of the major causes of child mortality, including diarrhoea, HIV, malaria and measles.

British nurses, midwives and medical teams are among the best in the world. I’m glad medical staff from the University of Edinburgh will be part of this UK initiative to improve the health of some of the world’s poorest people.

Andrew MitchellInternational Development Secretary