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7 December 2010, 12.30pm
Please check the Registry website for details concerning the exams that were due to be held on Monday 6th December but were postponed. All other exams scheduled for this week are currently expected to go ahead as planned. You should contact your school office if unable to attend. Please check the Registry website for details and further updates.
6 December 2010, 3.30pm
For details of any impact the weather is having on Open Studies and language classes see the short courses section of the website.
6 December 2010, 3.30pm
Information on parking, the shuttle bus, mail delivery and waste collection is available on our Estates and Buildings website.

Estates and Buildings

3 December 2010, 4.00pm
Further information has been published regarding the exams originally scheduled for Monday 6 December. Please check the Registry website regularly as details of your rescheduled exams will be published there.
3 December 2010, 11.30am
The Roslin Institute is accessible with care, however the canteen has still not been able to secure deliveries. Bus routes are running into Roslin.
2 December 2010, 2.30pm
The inaugural lecture by Professor Alistair Lawrence scheduled for Tuesday 7th December has been cancelled.
2 December 2010, 11.00am
All exams scheduled for Monday 6th December have been postponed due to the impact of the adverse weather conditions.
30 November 2010, 4.00pm
Due to adverse weather conditions, library opening hours are under review. Please check the library website for updates.
30 November 2010, 2.30pm
We regret to inform you that the University of Edinburgh’s St Andrew’s Day event has been cancelled due to uncertain weather conditions.
30 November 2010
The University Day Nursery (Dalkeith Road) is closed today due to staffing issues. Please note there is no phone due to line damage.

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