Academy of Government to open doors

A new University venture is set to train the next generation of leaders in public service.

The Academy of Government, which opens its doors to students in September, will be Scotland’s first professional school of public policy and administration.

Building upon the University’s strengths in research and education, the Academy will prepare students for careers meeting key challenges in the public sector.

Also in September, the Academy will launch a Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree, the first such qualification in the UK. A Master of Public Administration (MPA) will follow in September 2012.

The Academy fuses the best of Edinburgh's traditional strengths and Enlightenment values with interdisciplinary and practical ways of solving the challenges confronting public policy at local, national, and global levels.

Professor Charlie JeffreyDirector of the Academy of Government:

Interdisciplinary approach

Through professional training and placement opportunities, students at the Academy will learn how to engage with the public sector in areas including economics, law, and political science.

Students will develop their communication, negotiating and management skills while learning from globally-recognised academics in a range of fields.

Meanwhile, the Academy’s links to local, national and international policy communities - as well as its close relationship with the Scottish Government and Parliament - will give students an insight into the workings of government.

The Academy of Government will also enable interaction between governments and the University, a relationship expected to generate new research that will impact the public sector - ultimately improving people’s quality of life.

Adam Smith, the father of Economics, who taught at Edinburgh, would surely have approved of the Academy of Government, with its mission to ensure that where the state does get involved in the lives of its citizens it does so with care, thought, and enlightenment.

Dr Simon ClarkHead of the School of Economics

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