Funding triples for bursary awards

A record number of students are benefiting from bursaries provided by the University.

More than £2.5million of awards have been made to undergraduates from low income families this session.

The funding - an increase of £1.7million on the previous year - will help more than 1000 students.


Recipients include new students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland who, for the first time, are liable for annual tuition fees of £9000.

Around 350 students will receive an Edinburgh RUK (Rest of UK) award, which provides the most generous bursary support of any UK university.


Awards ranging from £500 to £7,000 per year have been awarded to students who have a family income of less than £16,000.

A further 800 students are benefiting from the University’s access bursaries, which help new UK students experiencing financial difficulties to take up their place at Edinburgh.


A number of these students are benefiting from additional funding which the University has invested specifically to help undergraduate students from Scotland.

These awards of between £1,000 and £2,500 per year - paid at the start of each academic session - are to help students meet their living expenses.

Additionally, around 150 new UK students have been awarded £1000 bursaries to help meet their accommodation costs during their first year of study.

We have a long tradition of supporting students of all ages and social backgrounds and we remain committed to ensuring this continues. Students with academic ability and potential should be able to gain admission and succeed at University whatever their circumstances.

Professor Mary BownesSenior Vice Principal External Engagement

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