Scholarship scheme to benefit PhD students

Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea, Principal, has unveiled a scheme offering more than 110 new PhD scholarships.

The Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarships, a £6 million funding scheme, is open to UK, EU and overseas students taking research degrees in any field of study.

Close to 60 scholarships will be offered per year for students beginning their study over the next two academic years.

The scholarship scheme includes a package of career training that allows PhD students to simultaneously develop skills in research, and also in teaching, public engagement, or entrepreneurship.

Generous stipend

Each scholarship will cover the home rate of tuition fee as well as a stipend which will increase each year. In 2010-2011 the stipend will be £13,500; in 2011-2012 this will increase to £14,000; and in 2012-13 it will be £14,500.

Subject to satisfactory progress, the awards can cover the cost of studying at the University for up to three years.

I am delighted to announce this innovative scholarship scheme which represents a substantial development in our scholarships provision. These prestigious PhD awards will ensure that the University of Edinburgh remains one of the world’s leading research institutions, attracting the brightest and best students from around the world.

Professor Sir Timothy O’SheaPrincipal of The University of Edinburgh