University underlines research excellence ethos

Edinburgh has reinforced its commitment to high-quality research assessment by joining an international alliance and issuing its own robust guidelines on the use of research metrics.  

University leaders say the moves will help Edinburgh staff operate at the highest international standards for assessment, and support the world-class research that drives innovation and benefit for society.

The University is proud to confirm our long-held commitment to research excellence through these two initiatives. Both recognise and encourage fair, accurate and wise evaluation, which are the cornerstones of the high-quality, impactful research that Edinburgh aspires to and consistently delivers.

Professor Jonathan SecklVice-Principal Planning, Resources and Research Policy

Output assessment

The University has signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), which provides a roadmap for global reform in research assessment that universities, funding bodies and individual researchers can sign up to.

As a signatory, the University supports DORA’s vision to ‘advance practical and robust approaches to research assessment globally and across all scholarly disciplines'.

Research data

The University has also published a statement on the appropriate, ethical use of data about research activities and individual researchers.

The Statement for the Responsible Use of Research Metrics acknowledges that data’s potential for innovation and progress must be balanced with equality, diversity and accessibility considerations.

A working group will oversee the development and implementation of the Statement.

It will also advise on the potential use of research information to support excellence in research. 

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