Students share sport skills in Zambia

Edinburgh students will bring sport sessions to underprivileged children in Zambia this summer.

Four students will join volunteers from other universities around the UK to deliver sport in seven community hubs across the Zambian capital, Lusaka.

They will also train local people in sports leadership, coaching and officiating.

The students will focus on four sports – basketball, football, netball and volleyball.

The Edinburgh group consists of Charlotte Smithson, first year Sport & Recreation Management student; Claire Cumming, second year student Physical Education; Declan McLaughlin, fifth year Medicinal and Biological Chemistry; Hugh Braidwood, fourth year Sport & Recreation Management.

Volunteer Zambia

The students are the first group from Edinburgh to visit Zambia as part of the Wallace Group partnership’s Volunteer Zambia project.

The Wallace Group comprises of top UK universities with a shared interest in promoting sport in developing countries.

The initiative aims to make a difference to the lives of young Zambian people by empowering and enriching communities through the power of sport, leadership and education.

Volunteer Zambia is an international volunteering progamme between several leading UK universities and the Zambian sports NGO, Sport in Action.  

The students are supported by Edinburgh University Sports Union and the University’s Go Abroad Fund.

I’m incredibly excited to be heading out to Zambia. I feel like I’ve already learnt a huge deal and I can’t wait to join the group. I’m excited to not only push my own boundaries but also inspire others to get more involved with sport and the qualities it has to offer.

Declan McLaughlinFifth year Medicinal & Biological Chemistry

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Keep up-to-date with the project and the volunteer’s experiences on the Edinburgh University Instagram - @UoESportsUnion. 

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