Spectacular talent in spotlight at Degree Show

The next generation of artists, film-makers, designers and architects showcase their skill at this year’s Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show.

Lauren Holehouse
Lauren Holehouse, ECA Degree Show 2019

A sculpted goat surrounded by colourful balls, a ransacked bunker and a playground made with found objects are among the artworks at an eclectic show of graduating students’ work.   

For nine days in June, Edinburgh College of Art will be transformed into vibrant gallery spaces, exhibiting work from more than 500 graduates at this year’s Degree Show.

ECA Degree Show 2019

The Degree Show is free to visit and is open 11am-5pm from 1-9 June.

Late night openings will be held on Wednesday 5 June and Thursday 6 June, until 8pm.

Details of the exhibits, performances and screenings can be found on the Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show website.

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Degree Show website 

Diverse show

Work from 38 degree programmes will be on display – including architectural models, animated films, photography, textiles, jewellery and interior design.

A programme of performances will take place throughout the show, including a concert of new student works performed by Scottish Chamber Orchestra musicians.

Gabrielle Gillott's Degree Show work
Gabrielle Gillott's installation, entitled Safe Haven

Topical issues

Student Daniel Howe’s arresting installation reflects on society’s impact on the environment. Drawing from the story of the scapegoat, his white goat sculpture feeds on bright plastic balls.

The space also features a plant covered in children’s sweets. The leaves are hooked up to a computer that senses the electric current of the plant to create music, which changes as visitors enter and leave the gallery.

Stockpiling is the focus of Gabrielle Gillott’s immersive artwork. Piles of empty cans fill her bunker installation, which simulates what the end of the world might look like when resources run out. Everything in the bunker is painted a shade of blue called Safe Haven.

Playful creations

Elsewhere, Suzanne Anthony has used discarded materials found in skips to create large, playful structures, and Lauren Holehouse has designed her own newspapers filled with a mix of real and fake news, which swirl across the gallery wall.

Hugo Harris’ work is inspired by classical figures and how weight is manipulated in the body. His life-sized model fragments – created using silicon – lean and stretch on walls and tables.

The reality of relationships is the focus for jewellery student, Zhan Shi. Her work features a classic Tiffany ring encased in a fake ice cube, representing a marriage that looks perfect from the outside, but is emotionally distant in reality.

Powerful concepts 

Film and television students Reece Smith and Julian Vogel spoke to Hiroshima survivors and representatives from the Japanese government to make a powerful feature-length film examining the reality of surviving a nuclear strike.

In painting, Aidan Stephen has created hundreds of vibrant scenes based on Hollywood Westerns, while Alex Haywood’s film and artworks were inspired by a visit to Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella, during which he fell in love with a ballet dancer.   

Intermedia student Ella Porter has created an alien landscape to set her other-worldly films. She has blended videos of her own skin cells under the microscope with footage of the moon to play with our understanding of small and large scales.

Landscape Architecture student Marina Solodova – whose work will be on display in Minto House – looks at ways to limit the damage caused by sewage in the aftermath of hurricanes.

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