Philosophy hub is good for thought, experts say

Key life skills that pupils can learn from philosophy are available from a new online hub.

Researchers have developed the network to provide training, resources, and events that promote philosophy in schools and the wider community. 

Online resources

The initiative – hosted by the University – provides access to free resources for teachers, and others, to wrestle with philosophical topics such as knowledge, belief, freedom, justice, and being good.

These challenging topics help people to learn the skills of asking questions, listening to others, and articulating their own views, researchers say.

Partnership project

Content has been provided by a range of organisations promoting philosophy education.

Network partners include Education Scotland, SAPERE, and The Philosophy Foundation – two national charities supporting Philosophy for Children (P4C) and communities.

Community resource

Researchers hope the Online Philosophy and Education Network – known as OPEN Scotland – will help teachers, and others, to bring philosophy into their classrooms and everyday life.

Other network partners include Wonder Ponder, an organisation that offers visual philosophy resources for children and The Public Philosophy Network, a community of philosophers committed to public engagement.

Also taking part is the Philosophy in Prisons Network, and the universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde. The project has been supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

The network brings together international expertise on philosophy in schools and public philosophy. It will allow teachers and communities to discover some of the essential skills that philosophy can provide, helping people to think critically, argue respectfully, and ask their own questions.

Dr Lani WatsonSchool of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences 

OPEN Scotland 

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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