History anniversary focus for New York events

A series of events are taking place in New York to showcase the University’s academic excellence in History and encourage new partnerships.

The events are part of the celebrations to mark 300 years of history teaching at Edinburgh.

Tercentenary celebrations

A panel discussion will focus on the value and purpose of studying history during periods of political uncertainty and rapid technological change.

Author and historian Professor Joanne Freeman of Yale University and Ms Abena Boakyewa-Ansah of Vanderbilt University will join Edinburgh historians Professor Ewen Cameron, Professor Frank Cogliano and Dr Gayle Davis  and Dr Fabian Hilfrich for the debate.

The event will reflect on the achievements of the subject of History and consider what the future holds for the discipline.

The Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Peter Mathieson, will host a reception following a Q&A session.

The reception will include a discussion between Prof Mathieson and History alumnus and USA Development Trust board member, Simon Fennell.

The panel event takes place on Monday 11 November at the Penn Club of New York

Sharing expertise

The Edinburgh delegation will also visit several high schools in New York to give sample history lectures to prospective students.

There will also be meetings and events for partners and alumni of the University.

We are thrilled to be returning to New York for this year's City Region event. It's a wonderful opportunity to discuss what role history should play in a time of rapid technological and political change all over the world.

Professor Frank CoglianoDean International North America 

US partnerships

Edinburgh has a wealth of successful partnerships in the US, with more than 100 exchange and research collaborations with 38 US organisations. 

The University’s North America regional centre, in New York City, co-ordinates the activities of staff across the continent.

Tercentenary ties

2019 marks the tercentenary of the appointment of Charles Mackie as Professor of Universal History – the first chair of its kind in Scotland.

History at Edinburgh – which began teaching courses drawing on other related subjects such as Classics and Archaeology in 1719 – is one of the largest and most diverse in the UK.

In October 2019 the Chancellor, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited the University for the launch of celebrations to mark the tercentenary celebrations.

2019 marks the tricentenary of the appointment of Charles Mackie to the first chair of history at the University of Edinburgh. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to celebrate this anniversary with friends and alumni of the University in New York. It's a fascinating time to discuss the nature and purpose of history.

Professor Ewen CameronHead of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology

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