Lectures examine global challenges

Shifting views on gender, inequality in the digital world and music’s role in development are some of the topics explored in an upcoming lecture series.

Now in its ninth year, the Our Changing World lectures bring together leading University experts to discuss global challenges and the role that researchers can play in addressing them.

Academic engagement

The series runs 25 September to 20 November, with a lecture every Tuesday at 6.30pm in the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre in George Square.

The talks are free and offer an opportunity for staff, students and the public to engage with world-class researchers on a variety of important topics.

Undergraduate students who attend the whole series can earn credit towards their degree.

Pressing issues

Across nine weeks, speakers will discuss a range of issues around identity facing today’s society.

Topics include how music shapes development in children, and how personal identity functions in society and the state.

Many of the lectures will focus on social responsibility and sustainability.

For example, experts will explain how ‘fingerprinting’ gases can help trace their movements and provide clean energy, share tactics for tracing irresponsible supply chains, and examine shifting perceptions of gender, identity and the body.

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