Future focus for New York event

The future of universities will be the subject for debate at a University-organised event in New York City.

Teaching, learning and research all face fundamental challenges from politics, climate change and technological upheaval. 

These issues will be analysed at this collaborative event, with discussion around how institutions should respond in order to remain at the forefront of learning, teaching and innovation. 

Edinburgh Futures Institute

Insights will be provided from academics from the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI). 

The institute’s primary aim is to foster interdisciplinary relationships to better understand and tackle key global issues. 

EFI combines Edinburgh’s world-class expertise in data science with the arts, humanities and social sciences in order to improve research, teaching and learning.

To better address societal challenges, EFI will work with forward-thinking businesses, NGOs and governments in order to determine the challenges and solutions for a positive future. 

EFI focuses on the increasing role of digital innovation, automation and artificial intelligence, explores how data can improve civic services and creative sectors and addresses challenges in financial technology. 

Higher education needs to respond radically and creatively to the huge global challenges of our age. At this event researchers from Edinburgh and New York will share insights and work together to develop a vision for a positive future for our universities.

Professor Sian BayneAssistant Principal for Digital Education, the University of Edinburgh

Global Change Forum 

Events in New York City are part of the Global Change Forum – a series of University events that focus on global issues and the impact that Edinburgh and international partners can have to influence positive change. 

Events develop research and teaching partnerships with leading universities. They also build partnerships with industry, engage with potential students and strengthen alumni engagement around the world. 

Activities include student recruitment, working with industry, government and academic research partnerships, and philanthropic and alumni engagement.

The New York City event follows events held in London, Brussels and Mumbai this year. 


Speakers at the New York City event include Professor Jessie Daniels and Katina Rogers from New York’s City University; Alex Gil from Columbia University, and Professor Sian Bayne and Dr Karen Gregory from the Edinburgh Futures Institute. 

The event will be hosted by Edinburgh’s Principal & Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Mathieson, and chaired by Professor Melissa Terras from the Edinburgh Futures Institute

The event takes place on Monday 12 November at the Tata Innovation Centre, Roosevelt Island. 

We're very excited to hold our first North American city region event here. We will focus on the future of digital education, whilst building on the University's deep historic connections to the region. The question of where next for higher education and universities in the 21stcentury is a fascinating one.

Professor Frank CoglianoDean International North America, the University of Edinburgh

US partnerships

Edinburgh has a wealth of successful partnerships in the US, with more than 100 exchange and research collaborations with 38 US organisations.  

The University’s main office North America office, in New York City, co-ordinates the activities of staff across the continent.

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