Academics line up for Festival of Politics

​​​​​​​Rise of the robots, the highs and lows of Trump’s Presidency and life after Brexit are some of the topics explored in this year’s Festival of Politics.

The event invites leading experts to debate timely issues - including major social, cultural and political anniversaries and movements - that have swept the globe in the last century.

Edinburgh academics will join a range of panels throughout the four-day event at the Scottish Parliament, running 10 to 13 October.

Timely issues

Professor Lesley Yellowlees from the University’s School of Chemistry will draw upon personal experiences to reflect upon gender equality in science and suggest ways to close the gender pay gap before 2095.

Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics, will discuss whether technology liberates us from work or depresses wages and entrenches inequality.

Other topics include how to deal with mass migration, the history of forced eviction in Scotland and who is responsible for making citizens happy.

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