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The following news articles were published in 2018:  

Bitcoin wallets vulnerable to security hacks

Devices used to manage accounts on the innovative payment system Bitcoin could be improved to provide better protection against hackers, research suggests.

Complex tools help crows hunt more quickly

Scientists have discovered why some crows craft elaborate hooked tools from branched twigs.

Writers receive rising star awards

An Edinburgh tutor and a former student have been recognised as two of Scotland’s most exciting new writers.

DNA study casts light on cell division mystery

Scientists have solved a longstanding puzzle of how cells are able to tightly package DNA to enable healthy cell division.

Brushing doesn’t stop effects of snacks on young teeth

Tooth brushing only partly protects against the effects of sugary snacks on children’s teeth, research suggests.

Overseas pines threaten native tree species

Exotic pine tree species planted next to native Scots pine forests should be removed to limit the risk of disease to native trees, new research suggests.

Flu study seeks volunteers to link genes to severe cases

Volunteers are being invited to take part in a flu study to understand why some people are more susceptible to the virus than others.

Brussels event debates future of work

The future of work will be the focus in the first of a series of University events focusing on key global issues.

Two simple tests could help to pinpoint cause of stroke

Detecting the cause of the deadliest form of stroke could be improved by a simple blood test added alongside a routine brain scan, research suggests.

Researchers use app to help predict landslides

Edinburgh researchers are using digital technology to help predict landslides in Latin America.

Artwork lights up library with letters

An intriguing phrase written in hundreds of light bulbs has been installed in the University’s Main Library.

Rogue waves find could aid offshore platform design

New understanding of unusually large ocean waves could help inform the design of oil platforms and other offshore structures.