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The following news articles were published in 2018:  

Gene study highlights threat of ash dieback

A disease that has devastated ash trees across Europe developed from just one or two sources of fungus on imported ash trees, a large-scale genetic study shows.

Warmer springs reduce food for forest birds

The hatching of woodland birds is falling out of sync with availability of insects on which they feed as springs become increasingly warmer, research shows.

Lecture puts gender issues in the spotlight

A world-leading experimental physicist will discuss gender divides in academia at the University’s inaugural Futures Lecture.

Tool predicts patient wellbeing after stroke

A computer programme that can assess brain health and help predict function after stroke has been developed by scientists.

Depression study pinpoints genes linked to the condition

Nearly 80 genes that could be linked to depression have been discovered by scientists.

Under-fives should be priority for snail fever

Infants in some of the world’s poorest regions are vulnerable to a common worm parasite infection and their treatment should become a priority, according to a study.

Global focus for Staff Week

Edinburgh is to welcome 38 staff from 19 universities as it hosts International Staff Week.

Virtual city walking tours win Tam Dalyell Prize

A series of virtual tours exploring the city of Edinburgh’s role in the history of science, technology and medicine has been recognised with a University award for public engagement.

Awards for restoration projects

Three University buildings have been commended at a major awards ceremony for innovation in construction.

Painkillers in pregnancy may affect baby’s fertility

Taking painkillers during pregnancy could affect the fertility of the unborn child in later life, research suggests.

New method to quickly assess brain injuries

A new way to rapidly assess levels of consciousness in people with head injuries could improve patient care.

Athletes play key role in Gold Coast success

Elite athletes with University links have helped Scotland to its most successful overseas Commonwealth Games.