Zambian Princess Kasune Zulu gives lecture

Princess Kasune Zulu was the first Zambian Member of Parliament to declare her HIV-positive status.

She will speak about her experiences at a public lecture on Monday 4 September.  

Princess Kasune holds a role as an ambassador for World Vision and an advocate to the United Nations.

Across the developed world she has raised millions of dollars for the fight against HIV/AIDS and has brought critical media attention to the virus.

She is also the author of a book – 'Warrior Princess: Fighting for Life with Courage and Hope'.

Last year, she announced to the Zambian parliament that she had been living with HIV since 1997.

Princess Kasune has previously spoken of her hope that in declaring her condition, she could serve as a beacon for those living with HIV/AIDS and that the condition ‘was not a ‘death sentence’.

Her visit to Edinburgh comes as the result of the partnership between the Global Health Academy, the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance, and Central Province Zambia.

Event details

Princess Kasune is expected to speak about courage, compassion and her experiences of living with HIV in Zambia.

The event – 'If every day could be like this....I would be happy and rejoice' – will be held in the Informatics Forum, Room G.07 from 5 – 6pm on Monday 4 September.  

The event is free and tickets can be reserved here

Zambia Scotland Forum

The lecture is proceeded by a forum on health, empowerment and communities in Zambia.

The forum aims to strengthen Zambia – Scotland connections and collaboration in support of the Zambia national health strategy.

Attending the event will be Attendees are partners from Zambia, organisations working in Zambia, the Scottish Government, academics working in Zambia and Malawi, the Scotland Zambia Association, Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance, and the University of Edinburgh Compassion Initiative.


The Zambia United Kingdom Health Workforce Alliance (ZUKHWA) 

University of Edinburgh Compassion Initiative 

Scotland Zambia Association