Yellow Pencil underlines students’ success

A team of Edinburgh College of Art students has won a coveted design award.

The group was awarded the prestigious prize for an interactive phone booth they created during the Festival Fringe.

The winning project – Actor Who – encouraged people to audition for a play in a phone booth, while online audiences watched and voted on Twitter.

Iconic award

Backed by the charity Design and Art Direction, the awards promote excellence in design and advertising. The charity has been awarding the highly revered Pencils for more than 50 years.

Judges bestow the iconic Yellow Pencil for outstanding work that they feel achieves true creative excellence.

Student collaboration

The project brief was set by the BBC for Edinburgh’s Festivals.

The team sought to create a multi-platform experience that allowed participants to take part in the Festivals, regardless of their location.

Students Xian Tang, Kiersten Hay, Jingwei Zhang, Parul Sharma and Xinqi Lu developed the award-winning idea while on the Design Informatics programme. The course is led by Dave Murray-Rust.

Interdisciplinary programme

Design Informatics is an interdisciplinary programme that brings designers and computer scientists together.

Often, Design Informatics students approach projects from different angles, allowing them to create something innovative and fresh.

It’s a big honour for us. It’s a result of teamwork – without everyone's creative thinking, professional skills, dedicated attitude and cooperative work, we wouldn’t have won this.
Jingwei Zhang Design Informatics student

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