Teaching under way with Media Hopper Replay

The University’s new lecture recording service is now available for teaching in 114 rooms across the institution.

Media Hopper Replay

Media Hopper Replay is being rolled out at scale over the next three years.

Around 300 rooms will be equipped by the start of the 2018/19 academic year.

When roll-out is complete, the total number of rooms able to deliver lecture recording will be 400.

Valuable resource

The aim of the new service is to enhance student satisfaction by providing greater learning resources and academic support.

It will also offer academic staff the opportunity to experiment with their teaching practice and ‘flip’ their classrooms, using contact time with students for more interactive sessions.

Find out more about Media Hopper Replay and get information on training sessions, help and support materials by visiting the service’s webpage:

The Lecture Recording Programme is committed to making sure academic colleagues are at the heart of implementation as Replay is made more widely available. As a user of lecture recording, I am interested in the pedagogical aspects of lecture recording and working with colleagues to make this initiative a success for learning, teaching and the student experience.

Professor Susan RhindChair of the Academic User Group

The Student Association is committed to supporting initiatives that put Edinburgh at the forefront of learning with digital. We care greatly about student wellbeing, and the new Replay service enhances the options available to students to support their learning.

Bobi ArcherVice President Education, Edinburgh University Students' Association

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