Support guaranteed for study abroad students

The University has acted to provide certainty for all 2018-19 entrants whose programmes include compulsory study abroad.

Edinburgh is guaranteeing international mobility support for all 2018-19 undergraduate entrants who are required to complete a year abroad during their study.

The level of support will be broadly equivalent to that provided under the current Erasmus+ programme, which concludes in 2019/2020.

The UK government has confirmed full UK involvement in the current programme and promotes the benefits of these international experiences for students. Formal commitment to an Erasmus + successor programme is expected but, as part of wider Brexit negotiations, is currently uncertain.

Funded programmes

There are currently a range of funded options available to students – particularly those studying languages – with compulsory spells abroad.

Around 60 per cent of undergraduate students on such programmes will do so through an Erasmus study placement.

Others take up language school options, work placements, internships, voluntary work and teaching assistantships with the British Council.

The University of Edinburgh is a global university which actively encourages the international mobility of its staff and students. We’ve taken this step to offer much-needed reassurance to prospective 2018-19 students considering programmes with compulsory work or study abroad.
Alan Mackay Deputy Vice-Principal International

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