Sculpture show captures the imagination

A giant metal warrior with a LEGO head – inspired by the Terracotta Army – is among the attractions in a new exhibition hosted by the University.

The show – hosted by the Confucius Institute for Scotland, based at the University – features work by 28 artists from each country in the European Union and three artists from China.

It runs from 3-30 June in Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Dialogue with Emperor Qin’s Warriors

3-30 June, 11am-6pm Tuesday-Friday.

Summerhall Church Galleries, Hope Park Terrace, EH8 9LY.

Map to Summerhall

Admission is free.

Ancient inspiration

The 31 artists took inspiration from the world-renowned terracotta soldiers, which were discovered in 1974 when the tomb of the 3rd Century BC First Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang was unearthed in the Xi’an province.

The artists considered how these iconic figures could be reinterpreted for the 21st century.

International exhibition

Slovenian sculptor Bostjan Drinovec has created the Postmodern Man using steel and plastic. The striking work shows an oversized soldier holding his smiling yellow head in his arms.

British artist John Atkin cast his sculpture using 120kg of concrete. He drew upon the idea that the Terracotta Warriors include dancers and acrobats, as well as soldiers. His work, Twister, features rotating slabs of concrete that give the impression of movement.

Further attractions include two blue legs beside a half-mast white flag by Cyprian artist Lia Lapithi and Bulgarian artist Jivko Sedlarski’s abstract sculpture with a variety of red triangles. 

Collaborative project

The Dialogue with Emperor Qin’s Warriors exhibition was instigated by Inspiring Culture, a body that promotes sculpture worldwide.

It was first launched 2012 and has toured a number of countries as a means to reinforce existing Sino-EU cultural relations.

We are delighted to bring this remarkable exhibition to Scotland for the first time. It is a powerful demonstration of inspiring artistic collaboration between Europe and China. In 1974, the discovery of thousands of terracotta soldiers was hailed as a sensation, and this exhibition is more proof that these life-size figures still fascinate and inspire.

Professor Natascha GentzDirector of the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh

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