Russian film festival has contemporary focus

Four new features are to be screened during Edinburgh’s Russian Film Week.

Guest appearances

There will also be a chance to meet an actor and a director during the festival, hosted by the University’s Princess Dashkova Russian Centre.

The event, which runs from 21 to 25 November, has been jointly organised with Russian Film Week London with support from the Scotland-Russia Forum.

The programme begins with the screening of Kharms, loosely based on the biography of Daniil Kharms, the renowned Russian absurdist author of the beginning of the 20th century.

Acclaimed film

It continues with All Will End Soon, an acclaimed film about the unexpected changes that seemingly straightforward personal encounters can have upon people's lives.

A third film, Pagans, is a drama played out between family members, against which the tragic love story of a teenage girl unfolds.

The Pagans screening is followed by Q&A with actor Valentin Samohin, and director of photography and producer Maxim Trapo.

Critical acclaim

The programme closes with the screening of a critically acclaimed production of Chekhov's celebrated play, The Seagull, by the Satirikon Arkady Raikin Russian State Theatre.

All films will be shown in Russian with English subtitles. Screenings will take place at 50 George Square.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from Russian Film Week's pages. 

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