Masters show puts students in spotlight

A new wave of artists, designers and architects will display their work at this years Masters Degree Show.

Throughout August, the Edinburgh College of Art exhibition will feature postgraduate work in a range of disciplines including art, illustration, architecture, music and design informatics.

The Masters Degree Show is part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.

Masters Degree Show 2017

2 - 17 August 2017

Standard opening times: 11am - 5pm, with additional late night openings and performances.

Various venues

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Colourful creations

Hannah Fleetwood asked people from different countries which meals remind them of home, and recreated the dishes in colourful, three-dimensional artworks.

The paper creations include Khao Pad from Thailand, German apple strudel and salmon on toast from Ireland.

Other exhibits include work inspired by the routine of a daily commute, intricate drawings of imaginary insects and screen prints created for a book of poetry.

Inspired by nature

Yuechi Cao has created a striking mural inspired by peat moss. As part of her exhibit, she has also created a fabric out of moss and taken pictures of it with a microscope to highlight its beauty and versatility.

Jet Yung has painted a series of blue and red geometric shapes, inspired by the Herring Boats at Stornoway, and Andrew James Robinson’s abstract paintings create a fantasy world that invites the viewer to interpret the colourful shapes and lines. 

Varied programme

Intricate models and designs will also be on show in Minto House on Chambers Street as part of the showcase for Architecture students.

On 25 August, as part of the Masters Degree Show, students in Sound Design and Digital Composition will hold a performance at St Cecilia’s Hall, showcasing their experimental musical creations.

Design Informatics students and researchers will showcase their work on George Streetin an on-street pavilion.

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