Hi-tech teaching initiative offers bright future

Technologies that are transforming teaching at Edinburgh are being promoted in a series of staff and student events this spring.

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The Future Teacher programme looks at how teaching is changing and how staff and students should respond.

Interactive sessions are offering opportunities for discussion about the digital approaches that teachers will need in the future, as well as a chance to acquire new skills.

Participants are being encouraged to consider how the University might shape the future of its digital education provision.

PowerPoint workshop

Programme highlights include a workshop called Killer PowerPoint that will aim to develop the skills needed to create engaging presentations.

Participants will bring their own slides and learn about the techniques of visual literacy and also explore TED-style presentation skills.

Video skills

Elsewhere, a DIY Film School will demonstrate that video does not always need high-end production techniques to be an effective teaching tool.

It will seek to give people the skills and confidence needed to begin filming, using only a smart phone or tablet.

Online resource

A new online skills resource for the University, is supporting the development of digital, technology, creative and business skills for all staff and students.

Future Teacher provides an opportunity to find out more about and how it might support staff and students.

Wikipedia session

Other activities include a chance to find out more about contributing to the largest database of public knowledge.

The World of Wikipedia is a two-hour session that aims to get people adding content to the interactive encyclopaedia.

Flipped classrooms

Another event will enable staff and students to find out more about ‘flipped classrooms’.

These reverse the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content – often online – outside of the classroom.

They also switch activities traditionally classed as homework into the classroom instead.

Future events

Other events for later in the year will support and prepare staff and students for the start of lecture recording across the University.

A three-year rollout of this new venture is due to begin at the start of the next academic year.

Future events will also involve sessions to bring together staff and students to design the future of digital education at Edinburgh. 

For further info and booking, go to the Future Teacher site. 

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