Green cars and bikes get into gear at ECCI

A fleet of electric cars and bikes, including the UK's first zero-emission competitive rally car, are visiting the University.

Visitors to the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) can explore a Future Vehicle Showcase as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Vehicles on display will include the high performance Tesla Model S, which accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and a range of hill-beating electric bikes that visitors can book for a test ride.

Ebikes visit ECCI for a Future Vehicles Showcase
Visitors to ECCI can test ride an ebike.

Low-carbon future

Hosted by the University, the ECCI aims to inform and encourage a move to low-carbon lifestyles.

It seeks to bring business, finance, academia and the public sector together to deliver a low-carbon future. 

ECCI’s purpose built low-carbon building was the site for the first City Car Club electric vehicle in the UK.

The University estimates 30 per cent of its carbon footprint is from travel undertaken by its staff, students and visitors.

It has pledged to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2040 by moving all its vehicles to electric fleet.

Our transport behaviour is changing rapidly as we move to a more low-carbon way of life. The Scottish Government has pledged an almost complete decarbonisation of road transport by 2050 and as Scotland’s charging infrastructure develops every year and vehicle technology improves to rival traditional options, electric vehicles are becoming an ever more viable choice for businesses and commuters.

Andy KerrECCI Director