Geometry at heart of interactive art show

Mathematical shapes are the inspiration for a free interactive exhibition at Summerhall.

Brilliant Geometry, featuring 3D printed shapes, invites visitors to explore the themes of dimensions, shadows and optical illusion.

Its exhibits make use of computer aided design, recent developments in 3D printing, and bright lights to demonstrate the creativity and precision of mathematics.

Inspiring exhibits

Items on show range from hand-held shadow lanterns to projections that take up an entire wall.

Visitors can see, for example, curved shapes that cast straight shadows, the Earth projected in novel ways, and the highlight of the exhibition, which is the animation of a modern version of the Victorian zoetrope.

The showcase is a collaboration between the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, the Department of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University, and the Warwick Mathematics Institute.

Brilliant Geometry runs until 4 June at Summerhall.  

Each exhibit invites guests to play with some combination of mathematical ideas: these include dimension, projections between spaces and geometric tilings.

Peter ReidCollege of Science and Engineering

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