Degree Show spotlights student talent

A new wave of artists, designers and architects will display their work as part this year’s Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show.

For nine days in June, Edinburgh College of Art will be transformed into vibrant gallery spaces exhibiting work from more than 500 graduating students at this year’s Degree Show.

For the first time, the former Fire Station on Lauriston Place – recently acquired by the University – will be used as part of Edinburgh College of Art’s extensive exhibition.

Work from 38 degree programmes will be on display – including architectural models, animated films, photography, textiles, jewellery and interior design.

Colourful sculptures

Sculpture student Michael Kay Terence’s installations were inspired by the former Fire Station, where his work will be on show. He has used the station’s stable to position a pantomime horse, complete with hay bales and carrots.

The space also features a bright turquoise Mini, which has been cut in half and crash-landed, and three overturned pianos surrounded by fencing.

Rachel McLellan has explored the themes of identity and tribalism by creating a giant web of brightly coloured T-shirts, emblazoned with slogans. Elsewhere, a giant pair of red dungarees, created by Chloe Milner will be hung outside of Evolution House.

Designs for life

Product design student Kasey Hou has created a flat-pack repairable toaster. She believes that products should be built to last, and have minimal impact on landfill.

Spectacular outfits designed by final-year performance costume students will be on display in the Sculpture Court.

Outstanding artworks

Samantha Parkhouse has produced large-scale portrait paintings that chart the journey of Mette, a breast cancer patient, going through chemotherapy. Two large, lifelike portraits are placed side-by-side, one with eyes open and the other shut.

Joanna Wickham is driven by composition and texture, and her large, abstract landscape paintings blur the lines between fine art and graphics.

Engaging films

Intermedia student Adam Castle has written and directed a short musical film which explore the role of power and desire in performance. The work features a series of interconnected scenes across nightclubs, theatres and an apartment, climaxing with a fight in a karaoke bar.

Emily Chow has created Doppelgänger, a hand-drawn animated short about struggles with body image and eating disorders. Meanwhile, Mia Maxwell’s short film Vincent deals with the process of grief, as an elderly blind man arranges a funeral for a loved one.   

The Degree Show promises to be a great celebration of talent across the College. I am sure visitors will find the work stimulating, innovative and challenging. “This year we are delighted to introduce the former Fire Station at Lauriston as our latest exhibiting space. We are in the process of incorporating this iconic building into our campus and look forward to sharing its spaces with students, staff and the public.

Professor Chris BrewardPrincipal of Edinburgh College of Art

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