City-wide Festival celebrates Gaelic culture

Edinburgh is hosting a week-long festival of events to celebrate Gaelic language and culture.

Gaelic Week 2017

Leugh an duilleag seo sa Gàidhlig

Seachdain na Gàidhlig – or Edinburgh Gaelic Festival – is an annual opportunity for students, staff and the wider community to take part in events promoting Gaelic.

Language learning circles, traditional music performances and Gaelic theatre are some of the highlights. The city-wide festival runs from 3-10 November.

The Festival has been organised to give people of all ages and language abilities an opportunity to enjoy Gaelic culture.

Packed programme

The University and Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) will be hosting a Gaelic Cafe at the Pleasance for food, drink and Gaelic conversation and music.

The School of Scottish Studies Archives in George Square will offer visitors the chance to learn about the University’s Gaelic resources. These include sound recordings, videos, manuscripts, books and photographs.

Bilingualism matters

The University’s Bilingualism Matters Centre in George Square will present a talk on the challenges facing Gaelic-medium education, as well as opportunities for growth.

Gaelic speakers and learners of all levels can join a Gaelic conversation circle at the Grassmarket Community Centre.

Literature events

Further attractions include a performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Gaelic at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile.

An event on Gaelic traditions associated with trees will take place in the Holyrood Park Education Centre and will be followed by a guided walk.

The work of the renowned Gaelic bard Donnchadh Bàn Mac an t-Saoir (Duncan Ban MacIntyre) will be celebrated in an event at the Scottish Poetry Library in Crichton Close.

The respected Gaelic singer Gillebrìde MacMillan will be joining the discussion and bringing the songs of the bard to life.

For the festival finale, the University’s Highland Society is hosting a ceilidh in Teviot Row House to commemorate its 180th anniversary.

Edinburgh collaboration

After two successful festivals run by the University in 2014, it was agreed that Seachdain na Gàidhlig should be extended to the wider community.

It is now run by a committee of volunteers and is supported by Gaelic officers from the University and Iomairt Dhùn Èideann - the Edinburgh Gaelic initiative.

Edinburgh has a vibrant and diverse Gaelic community. Working with partners across the city we hope to get as many people involved as possible in Seachdain na Gàidhlig and its exciting programme of events.

Bria MasonGaelic Officer 

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