Awards recognise outstanding students

An awards ceremony has celebrated the inspiring work of the University’s students.

Now in their third year, the Impact Awards were created to recognise exceptional students making a positive impact.

Eleven categories reflected the variety of the contributions of students who ran special projects or went above and beyond in specific roles.

Significant achievement

Fourth-year student Baber Rasheed won the Outstanding Student Leader award for his commitment to Peer Learning and Support.

As a 16-times Class Representative and School Convenor for Biomedical Sciences, Baber has secured change for his fellow students including the installation of projectors and video recording equipment in the Old Medical School.

LiberatEd won the award for Achieving Significant Change on Campus.

The group – led by black and minority ethnic, disabled, LGBT+ and women students – has run workshops throughout the year to try to address the underrepresentation of marginalised voices across many disciplines.

Above and beyond

Other winners on the night included final year undergraduate James Konrad Puchowski who won the Outstanding Global Citizenship award.

James became a public advocate of language rights during his time studying abroad in Norway where he dedicated time to learn the minority standard language ‘Nynorsk’ in addition to the more commonly learned ‘Bokmål’.

The Liberation Convenors 2016/17 picked up the award for Outstanding Elected Representative.  From working to raise the profile of trans students on campus to designing a creative programme of events for Black History Month, the Convenors were celebrated for being an asset to the Students’ Association and the students they represent.

“Amongst this vast population of students, there are a host of individuals who go above and beyond, in an effort to make the university experience better for their peers, completely voluntarily. These awards are our way of saying 'thank you' to those students, who are juggling studies whilst implementing initiatives to improve the academic and extracurricular environment on our campuses.”

  Alec Edgecliffe-JohnsonEdinburgh University Students’ Association President

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