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The following news articles were published in 2017:  

Sleep out makes big impact

Students and staff at Edinburgh who joined a mass sleep out to help end homelessness have exceeded their fundraising target.

Study sheds light on meaning of rock art

Archaeologists have shed new light on the possible meaning of mysterious rock markings found in Neolithic tombs in Europe.

Music stars band together for dementia concert

Big names from Scotland’s music scene are joining forces for an intimate concert to benefit ground-breaking research into dementia.

Steroid study sheds light on side effects of medicines

Fresh insights into key hormones found in commonly prescribed medicines have been discovered, providing further understanding of the medicines’ side effects.  

Study links extreme weather to human impact

Man-made climate warming increased the risk of extreme weather events in 2016, according to a report featuring Edinburgh research.

£3.8m brings lung imaging devices closer to clinic

A £3.8 million funding boost will advance the development of next generation medical devices that monitor disease deep inside the lungs.

530m-year-old fossil eye could be world’s oldest

A 530-million-year-old fossil contains what could be the oldest eye ever discovered, a study reveals.

Algae could feed and fuel planet using hi-tech tool

Vast quantities of medicines and renewable fuels could be produced by algae using a new gene-editing technique, a study suggests.

Seizure study sheds light on lasting brain effects

Prolonged convulsive seizures in childhood could be linked to the development of other brain conditions, a study suggests.

Homeless people and pets focus of student appeal

Vet students are spreading Christmas cheer this winter by distributing rucksacks filled with essential items to homeless people and their pets.

Gene experts set to tackle pest control

Experts are to investigate how genetic techniques could be applied to help control pest species.

Law alumnus part of Nobel Peace Prize team

An Edinburgh graduate who played a key role in the organisation will receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.