Uganda trip widens students' horizons

Edinburgh students from more than 10 countries are taking part in a conservation summer school in Uganda.

Uganda summer school

Some 30 Masters students will visit Makerere University and the Budongo Field Station, where an Edinburgh online MSc student leads a veterinary medicine programme.

The group will gain a better understanding of how to monitor chimpanzees and help remove poaching threats to biodiversity. They will also learn about habitat loss, forest degradation and illegal logging.


The group includes students from different disciplines including veterinary medicine, dentistry, health and conservation.

The students are studying a range of global health topics. These include public health, infectious diseases, biodiversity ecosystems and animal health. 

Each student understands that alone they cannot bring about the changes necessary for sustainable development, but together they just might make a remarkable difference to the whole health of the world. 

Dr Liz GrantDirector - Global Health Academy

Commonwealth Commission

The summer school is part of the Commonwealth Commission’s programme of online learning and training in partnership with Edinburgh.  

The trip has been organised by the University’s Global Health Academy and the directors of each online Global Health MSc represented within the Academy.  

The summer school is supported by the University’s International Office and Summer School Office. 

Summer School Abroad

Summer School Abroad courses provide opportunities for students to take part in international experiences during the summer.

Partner institutions are chosen to ensure that students have an inspiring academic programme coupled with a vibrant and engaging social and cultural experience. 

Information regarding applications for summer school can be found here.

Global Health Academy

The Global Health Academy aims to improve global health and life through collaborative, interdisciplinary research and education.

The Global Health Academy’s key objectives:

  • offer world leading interdisciplinary postgraduate degrees 
  • engage in global collaborative research 
  • lead in the creation of global health partnerships
  • act as a forum for encouraging the sharing of best practice

Budongo Conservation Field Station

The Budongo Conservation Field Station was founded in 1990. The centre combines research and conservation to ensure sustainable management of the Budongo Forest Reserve.

Projects include environmental education for adults and school children, integrated eco-health and farm income generating activities. It also seeks to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and bush meat hunting.

BCFS regularly offers research facilities for staff and students from various Ugandan and international universities. 


Commonwealth Commission

Summer School 

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Global Health Academy

Budongo Conservation Field Station